We are presented with a website called, which is responsible for the online sale of a wide variety of nautical products, with a vast catalog of products that not only benefit the boat but also your browser that are undoubtedly very useful for several navigators. has a very well designed website, there is no doubt about its programming as it is advanced, its interface is easy to view and navigate, with a use of colors very well managed so that the website does not look shrill, the content is very well dispersed in order not to be overloaded.

The already mentioned website, has a simple menu of only four categories, which are the home section, products by categories, information about them and how to contact them, their product categories are divided into twelve sub-sections, which are:

More than 20000 nautical accessories

Deck accessories for boats
Water on board.
Comfort on board.
Nautical sports.
Electricity on board.
Navigation equipment for boats
Mooring and Mooring Products for Boats
Boat maintenance
Motor and Accessories for Boat Engine
Boat Tyres and Trailers
On-Board Security Products
Sailing and Light Sailing Section
Sport Fishing from the boat
Sailing Clothes

The most sold products in

The most sold products on the website of by many experienced browsers as well as by beginners are the following:

Bomba achique rule 360: which is designed for small boats at a price of 30.32 euros.
White shower mixer nylon hose/triangular double tap: it is designed for boats of medium and large sizes which have special comfortable bathrooms for a good shower in the middle of the navigation in the high sea or in the lake of your preference, at a price of 137.41 euros.
Folding anchor kit: specially designed for motor boats, sailboats, kayaks among others, use especially in places like sandy bottoms, rock, gravel and more, at a price of 43.01 euros.

In summary, the website is a wonderful website which is responsible for the sale of all nautical products that may need your boat to apply maintenance and make it safer, as well as products to make it more comfortable for your stay while you have to navigate for days. And don’t forget to visit their boat rental section with the best fleet available.

My best regata

Part regatta from Miami to Havana
The second event of its kind since the beginning of the thaw age
Between Washington and Havana
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 | Real Estate Agencies

Miami, United States .- The Miami-Havana regatta regatta regatta
Last year after more than half a century of interruption, started today
From Miami Beach with about 40 boats as participants, in their
Vast majority of Americans.

The competition is organized by the Coral Reef (USA)
And Hemingway (Cuba) with the help of the non-profit organization
Southern Ocean Racing Conference (SORC), based in Miami.

The SORC was revitalized in 2016 to start the regatta again
To the heat of the Cuban-American agreement on
Relations announced at the end of 2014.

Thirty-seven boats 31 to 80 feet in length and various
Classes participate in this race of 210 nautical miles in length, according to
The web of the organization.

Last year, when the inaugural race started, SORC said on its website
That for almost 60 years the fans to the sailing competitions of
The area missed the opportunity to reach Havana, which was one of the
Favorite destinations of the winter circuits of the Americans
Fans of the candle.

With the rupture of Cuban-American relations after the
Revolution made it illegal for US sailors to put the
To Cuba, something that is now possible thanks to the agreement for the
Normalization of relationships announced in December 2014.

Official United States races And Cuba were suspended in 1959, the
Year of the triumph of the Revolution on the island. The last one done before
Of the suspension joined the cities of St. Petersburg, in the north of
Florida, and Havana, a circuit that began in 1930.